Your South Central College ID card is your official student photo identification, and can be used to check out library materials, recreational items, and student-use computer equipment. Some on-campus services, including the libraries, help desk, and tutoring center, may require you to show it as proof of identity.

Outside of SCC, your ID can be used for library/resource privileges at MSU, Mankato, and other college libraries in the state of Minnesota. It can also be used to receive student discounts from area stores.

How do I get an ID?
IDs can be obtained at your main campus library. You will need to provide proof that you are a current student. This can be done with a copy of your schedule or your DARS report (given out at orientation or accessed through eServices). You will also need to show an official photo identification (driver's license, state ID, passport, etc.). Be prepared to have your picture taken!

What if I need a replacement?
If your SCC Student ID card is ever lost, damaged or stolen, you can get another one at your main campus library. You’ll need to show a copy of your course schedule to confirm your identity and the official spelling of your name. This can be found on your eServices account.

It’s likely that we won’t have to retake your picture, but be prepared for a photo.

A $10 replacement fee will be charged that can be paid at the Bookstore on either campus. You will need to bring the original receipt to the library as proof of payment.

No replacement fee will be charged if:

  • Encoding on the magnetic strip is worn out or unusable (with no other sign of misuse)
  • Photo or text is unusable because of fading from frequent use
  • You change your name (Your name change must be verified through the Registrar’s Office in written form and you’ll need to turn in your old card)
  • Your card is stolen (A stolen card must be verified with an official police report—or a copy of the official police report—referencing your lost card.)