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Create a Unique Career

Photo of award winning multimedia students

You're creative. Unique. Tech-savvy.  And you're looking for a college experience that respects and encourages these traits.  At South Central College, the multimedia technology program is a culture-driven major that will prepare you to utilize graphics, video, photography, sound and animation in your profession to create a career that balances your artistic freedom with professional industry standards.

Areas of employment:

  • Multimedia Artists 
  • Studio Photography
  • Video Production

Campus: North Mankato 

Program Start Dates: Fall and Spring Semesters

For more information: (507) 389-7200 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What Multimedia Students Say:

Faculty Spotlight - Multimedia

Wes Taylor
Wes Taylor
Wes caught the photography bug as a young man when he traveled with his church to Switzerland. Since then, Wes has honed his photography expertise with a broad range of industry experience from fine portraiture to rocket engines.
Education:BFA in Photography , MS in Instructional Technology - Utah State University, MA in Photography – Minnesota State University, Mankato

Arts & Communication Majors

Graphic design, print production, photograph, and videography are career paths that merge creativity with technology. Industry demand for skilled-workers continues to grow as print technology evolves and our world spends more time online.