Nursing Mission Statement 

The SCC Nursing Programs support an environment for learning which prepares competent, compassionate entry-level healthcare professionals. 

The SCC Nursing Programs have common beliefs and values concerning human beings, health, nursing, society, and nursing education.  These beliefs have a high priority for the faculty and will, therefore, have a strong influence on the Nursing Program and the manner in which it is implemented. 

Nursing Vision Statement
The South Central College Nursing Programs will provide supportive environment for learning which prepares students for licensure and entry into the workforce. The SCC Nursing Program is a committed, collaborative partner with healthcare agencies to support the nursing workforce needs and interests in our communities

Nursing Philosophy
We believe that each student is a unique individual, shaped by culture, ethnicity, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, and environment. Faculty respect and support this diverse student population, enabling students to flourish as they work within our communities and beyond to achieve their academic and professional goals.

We believe all nurses are life-long learners, continuously developing their professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes with a spirit of inquiry, and improving upon nursing judgment. Employing student-centered learning strategies holds students responsible and accountable for their learning. Students take an active role in their own learning in partnership with faculty facilitating the assimilation of concepts and knowledge of practical nursing (PN) and professional nursing (ASN/RN).

We believe “nurses must show sound nursing judgment, continually develop their professional identity, and maintain a spirit of inquiry as they move into the world of nursing practice and beyond” (NLN, p.32).

We support the belief of the National League for Nurses (NLN) outcomes for both practical and professional nursing.  We endorse the seven core values of the NLN Outcomes and Competency Framework Model:  caring, diversity, ethics,  excellence, holism, integrity, and patience centeredness

The six integrating concepts of the NLN Framework Model are context and environment, knowledge and science, personal and professional development, quality and safety, relationship-centered care, and teamwork.  These integrating concepts provide the supporting structure that leads from core values to program outcomes.  Together, we believe they capture the essence of nursing we wish to instill in our students and have incorporated these core values into our Student Learning Outcomes and Curriculum.