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The Employer and the MSCF recognize that the faculty has a director interest in college issues including, but not limited to, long and short range planning, priorities in the deployment of financial resources, acquisition and use of existing physical and human resources, institutional self-study, marketing, public relations, and recruiting activities. The parties agree that the council is established to make recommendations to the college on the following topic areas: Personnel, Student Affairs, Facilities, Fiscal Matters and General Matters. Nothing contained in this Article shall be construed to prevent the Employer from having discussions with any individual or organization, provided such discussion do not conflict with P.E.L.R.A. or other provisions of this agreement.


South Central College Mission and Vision

South Central College provides accessible higher education to promote student growth and regional economic development.

South Central College will be the region’s leading institution for transitioning individuals into the college environment, educating students for technical careers, and building student capacity for future study through inclusive student-centered programs and services. The college will be a committed partner in the regional economy, helping individuals and organizations compete in the global marketplace.