TRIO Student Support Services Grant 2015
South Central College

Project Title: Student Support Services Program at South Central College

Project Need: South Central College (SCC) is a comprehensive community and technical
college with campuses in North Mankato and Faribault, Minnesota. SCC currently serves
approximately 5,400 students by traditional credit programs. The college’s two campuses, as
well as a partnership with Owatonna College and University Center, allow SCC to provide the
south central region of Minnesota with several educational opportunities, including 50 different
majors, AAS, AS, and AA degrees, and Farm & Small Business Management Education.
SCC is a proud member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system
which is currently made up of 32 institutions. MnSCU approved the expansion of SCC’s mission
to a comprehensive community and technical college in 2005. At SCC, the TRIO SSS grant has received
continuation funds in the amount of $220,000 to continue to deliver a Student Support Services (SSS)
program on campus to 140 eligible students. Since the expansion of the college’s mission, the proportion of
SSS eligible students enrolled at SCC has been nearly 60% each fiscal year. The proposal need
statement clearly illustrates the need for a SSS program at SCC as indicated by the following:

  • Over half of SCC’s student population (51.6%) meet the MnSCU definitions of underrepresented students

(first generation, Pell-eligible or students of color)

  • Retention rates for these students are expected to decrease as a result of early indicators,
    including the decreasing number of eligible students in good academic standing
  • The number of SSS eligible students is expected to continue growing as a result of SCC’s
    mission expansion and the increased costs of higher education.

Objectives: SCC has the following objectives for the college’s proposed SCC Program

  • 71% of all participants served by the SSS project will persist from one academic year to
    the beginning of the next academic year or graduate and/or transfer from a 2-year to a 4-
    year institution during the academic year.
  • 90% of all enrolled participants served by the SSS project will meet the performance
    level required to stay in good academic standing at the grantee institution.
  • 35% of new participants served each year will graduate with an associate’s degree or
    certificate within four (4) years
  • 25% of new participants served each year will transfer with an associate’s degree or
    certificate within four (4) years


Plan of Operation: SCC staff, administration, and faculty members have collaborated to
develop a comprehensive plan for the college’s SSS program. Plans include methods to do the

  • Identify and select program participants
  • Assess participant needs
  • Monitor participant progress
  • Implement a wide-range of services that address the SSS program goals
    • Increasing retention, GPA, graduation, and transfer rates of SSS eligible participants.


SCC proposes to develop and supplement the following services for SSS eligible participants:

  • Proactive Advising
  • Career Exploration
  • Transfer Services
  • Academic Support Services
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Counseling
  • Financial Aid Guidance
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Peer Mentoring