Position Category
Deborah Selbach
Adjunct Reading Instructor
Abby Beer
Nursing Instructor
Abdi Sabrie
Academic Advisor
Academic Support Center, North Mankato
Academic Support Center, Faribault
Adam Steinke
Adjunct Architectural Drafting Instructor
Alex Goff
Mechatronics Instructor
Alyssa Lynch
Graphic Design and Media Specialist
Amanda Anez
Graphic Design and Media Specialist
Amanda Benson
TRIO and Registration Specialist
Amanda Jackowell
Human Resources Analyst
Amber Wubben
Adjunct Nursing Instructor
Amber Eisen Sanchez
Director of Registration
Amy Brown
Intensive Care Paramedic Instructor
Amy Claffey
Dental Assisting Instructor
Amy Durand
Agribusiness Instructor
Amy Krueger
Adjunct Nursing Instructor
Amy Magnus
English Instructor
Andrea Mettler
Nursing Faculty
Andrea Rossow
Enrollment Advisor
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