• Access basic college/university information and fees without disclosure of student personal information.
  • Educational planning and career guidance without high-pressure registration and enrollment efforts from institutions.
  • A clear and complete explanation of course/program enrollment procedures and all resulting financial obligations.
  • Explore, without coercion, all financial aid options before signing up for student loans or other financial assistance.
  • Accurate scholarship information, free of misleading scholarship offers based on military tuition assistance.
  • Appropriate academic screening and course placement based on student readiness.
  • Appropriate, accessible academic and student support services.
  • Clearly defined institutional “drop/add” and withdrawal policies and procedures including information about the impact of military duties (e.g., mobilization, activation, temporary duty assignments) on their academic standing and financial responsibilities.
  • Clearly defined grievance/appeals processes.


Call to Active Duty

Special provisions are available to military personnel called to active duty while attending college. Options include: (1) Full refund of tuition; (2) grade of incomplete with opportunity to complete coursework through independent study or by retaking the course at no charge; or (3) grade of C or better if warranted by coursework completed prior to departure.