South Central College is a comprehensive community and technical college that is part of the Minnesota State system, with campuses in Faribault and North Mankato. We are guided by the following principles:


South Central College provides an accessible and inclusive learning environment that cultivates student success and advances regional economic development.


South Central College will be the region’s leading institution in preparing students for the global marketplace by creating an inclusive environment and providing academic, technical, and professional resources to pursue their chosen career, educational, and personal goals.


  • Learning - Recognizes the effects of lifelong intellectual, professional, and personal learning.
  • Integrity - Operates with ethics and transparency in all interactions.
  • Equity - Honors diversity, equity, and Inclusion by recognizing every person’s worth and potential.
  • Communication - Practices relevant, respectful, timely, and effective communication.
  • Collaboration - Values collaboration and believes that teamwork promotes unity and a shared purpose.
  • Innovation - Embraces continuous improvement and opportunities.

Strategic Priorities

  • Just 1 More
  • Regional and Cultural Partnerships and Innovation
  • Curricular Pathways
  • Institutional Effectiveness

SCC Strategic Priorities Diagram - Overlap of Institutional Effectiveness, Regional and Cultural Partnerships and Innovation, and Curricular Pathways

Institutional Core Competencies (ICCs)

Institutional Core Competencies are campus-wide competencies. The assumption is these are taught, supported, practiced, and assessed throughout the curricular and co-curricular programs of the college.

  • Communication: Students will be able to demonstrate appropriate and effective interactions with others to achieve their personal, academic, and professional objectives.

  • Critical and Creative Thinking: Students will be able to demonstrate purposeful thinking with the goal of using a creative process for developing and building upon ideas and/or the goal of using a critical process for the analyzing and evaluating of ideas.

  • Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility: Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to engage in the social responsibilities expected of a community member.

  • Cultural Competence: Students will be able to demonstrate an attitude of personal curiosity, a rising knowledge of cultures, and an evolving range of skills for living and working among others with other worldviews and ways of life. 

 The Institutional Core Competencies are a result of five facilitated group discussions with faculty and staff during the spring and summer of 2016. These ICCs were the top four competencies in every group of discussants.