Assessment at SCC 

Assessment of student learning, with an emphasis on assessing program student learning outcomes and institutional core competencies, has been an initiative of South Central College (SCC) over the past several years. Assessment of student learning is tied to the broader realization that institutions of higher education need to be accountable for outcomes and should be working to improve student success by focusing on learning as well as teaching. The emphasis of any institution of higher education should be on how to strengthen and enhance the ability of graduates to transfer their learning to an ever-changing workplace and society in which they live.

The assessment of student learning in the classroom, in the courses, and at the program level has direct ties to active learning. Through the various assessment strategies, students become actively engaged in the learning process by providing valuable feedback that impacts instructional delivery and course content.

The overall goal of SCC is to develop a culture where the assessment of learning at the various levels is automatic and the results are used to do the following: enhance learning through continual improvement of curricula, instruction, and student support activities; promote program modifications; and impact the budgeting process. To be truly effective, the entire assessment process must continue to be faculty driven. A culture that focuses on continual improvement and transformation can be an exciting and rewarding one in which to learn and teach. Learning is a fundamental human activity that leads to creativity and satisfaction.

Please contact the Office of Student and Academic Affairs with any questions, comments, or concerns.