20 Credits    CERT3298, Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Degree Description

This certificate provides a complete introduction to Cloud Computing, virtualization, legacy hardware and software considerations and approaches to transitioning information technology from legacy systems to a shared managed service model.  Through practical, hands-on activities, learners will explore the technical infrastructure and administrative requirements of server-based computing utilizing both open source and proprietary virtualization software.  Prior to entry into this program, it is strongly recommend that learners should complete the Computer Assistant Certificate of have advanced computer literacy and/or IT related industry experience.

Campus: North Mankato
Program Start Date: Spring Semester

Estimate for 20 credit program

Tuition is paid on a semester by semester basis and will vary depending on the courses and total credits you take.

Tuition and Fees: $4,100
Tools and Equipment: $ n/a
Total Estimated Cost: $4,100 *

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Required Technical Courses (3 Courses)

Complete the following courses:

Technical Electives (8 Credits)

Select two of the following courses:

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