The South Central College Faribault Campus Foundation was founded in 1983 as the Faribault Area Vocational Technical Trust Association to promote community post-secondary education in the Faribault area. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization governed by a board of directors comprised of individuals from the area, including South Central College alumni.


2018-19 Summary of the Year

It is a privilege to serve as the President of South Central College Faribault Campus Foundation Board of Directors. On behalf of the Board members, SCC faculty, staff, and students I want to extend a genuine and sincere thank you to all who partner with SCC to make education available and affordable in our local community.

Photo of Rick MillerWe are a community that values education and the investments made in our students today will have a long-lasting impact. Many generous individuals and businesses continue to provide support (time, resources, equipment, funding) to ensure cost-effective educational opportunities exist in Faribault. It is exciting to see the caliber of talent committed to furthering their education at SCC. I am just excited to see those same students join our workforce with all the necessary skills needed to expand and grow our local economy.  

SCC Faribault Campus Foundation had an eventful year. Gene Buhr, Fund Drive Chair, led the efforts of 44 community volunteers to raise $222,000. Thank you to all who supported the foundation through your generous gifts and time. One hundred twenty deserving students received the gift of a scholarship to support their desire to enhance their skills and talents at SCC to impact the future. 

Thank you to all who continue to provide support to the Foundation’s mission of supporting higher education and training at SCC. We had a successful year because of the support provided by many individuals and businesses. For those currently involved and engaged in the Foundation, thank you. For those looking to make a difference one scholarship at a time, please connect with the Foundation. I am sure you will find it a very rewarding experience.

Rick Miller
SCC Foundation Board President 2019-2020



Buhr Gene.j2019-2020 Annual Fund Drive

“I believe that it is the duty and moral responsibility of our society to provide the best and most appropriate education possible to our future workforce. Having an educated workforce is the only way our friends and neighbors can attain the lifestyle we all strive to have. South Central College provides the type of education that gives everyone access to their dreams. Scholarships provide the means to make those dreams reality. We all need to do our part.”

Gene Buhr has served as President of 1st United Bank in Faribault since 2010 and has been employed at the bank for 38 years. His parents grew up during the Great Depression and both had to drop out of school in the eighth grade to help support their families. He and his siblings, with encouragement from their parents, were able to go to college. His mother earned her GED when Gene went to college and his younger brother was 11 years old. Gene’s wife, Barb, attended South Central College while working at Mayo Clinic to obtain her coding license, allowing her to move up to a job she really enjoyed.


Endowed Funds

Endowments are truly gifts that last forever. An endowment can be established to support scholarships or general initiatives of the college and provide annual support for the chosen initiative using interest earned. A minimum contribution of $10,000 is required to establish an endowment and this can be done over a three year period if desired.

The following endowed funds were held by the Foundation.

Gordy Adamek Memorial Endowment
Gordy Adamek Endowment

Ann Splinter Endowment
Ann (Splinter) Anderson Alumni Endowment

Bruce Sellner Endowment
Bruce Sellner Memorial Endowment

C & S Endowment
C & S Vending Endowment

Carlander Family Endowment

Charitable Gambling

Disabled Veterans graphic
Disabled Veterans Honor Fund DAV Endowment

District One Hospital Endowment

Dr. Dick & Glenda Huston Endowment

Faribault Eagles 1460 Endowment

Hyvee Endowment
Faribault Hy-Vee Endowment

Faribault Foundation Endowment
Faribault Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Endowment

Farm Business Management Endowment
Farm Business Management Endowment

Glen Norgaard Endowment
Glen Norgaard Endowment

Harry Brown Endowment
Harry Brown Family Endowment

Jasinski Family Endowment
Jasinski Family Endowment

Gillis Endowment
Jean & Paul Gillis Endowment

Jim Munson Endowment
Jim Munson Endowment

Hoban Endowment
John & Lucille Hoban Endowment

John Tobin Endowment
John Tobin Endowment

Johnson Endowment
Karen Lee Johnson Memorial Endowment

Betsinger horizontal
Ken & Pam Betsinger Endowment

MRG Endowment
MRG Tool & Die Endowment

Marathon Multimedia Endowment
Marathon Multimedia Endowment

Schrader Graphic
Marvin & Sara Schrader Endowment

Mary B. McGillen Memorial Endowment

MET-CON graphic
MET-CON Companies Endowment

Dulac Endowment
Philip J. Dulac Memorial Endowment

Ormsby Endowment
Rae Ormsby Nursing Endowment

Raymond J. Freund Endowment

Sundahl horizontal
Richard Sunsdahl Endowment

Richie Family Endowment
Richie Family Endowment

Richie Family Endowment
Rick Cashin Construction Carpentry Endowment

Golden Endowment
Roger & May Golden Endowment

Sandra Thomas Photograph
Sandra Thomas Endowment

Tony Korba Memorial Endowment