Campus Security Reports: South Central College encourages students and college community members to be fully aware of the safety issues occurring on the campus and to take action to prevent and to report illegal and inappropriate activities. Personal awareness and applying personal safety practices is the foundation of a safe community.

SCC monitors criminal activity and maintains a three-year statistical history on both the Faribault and North Mankato campuses. All criminal activity will be recorded in a separate category.

SCC personnel have no enforcement authority over instances of criminal actions, thus campus personnel are not expected to detain a person suspected of such activities. Any intervention attempts will be viewed as voluntary. A report will be filed to include information on date, time, category and description of the occurrence and persons witnessing and reporting the incident. The Faribault and North Mankato police have enforcement authority over instances of criminal actions occurring on each campus.

SCC encourages accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes to the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency as well as the SCC Security Director. When requested, the SCC Security Director will assist in reporting an occurrence to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

SCC currently has a variety of policies and procedures relating to campus security. SCC expressly reserves the right to modify them or adopt additional policies or procedures at any time without notice.

Crime Prevention Programming Authority: Information concerning campus security is presented as part of the student orientation process and at a staff in service session. Information to promote awareness of crime prevention tactics and to encourage students and staff to be responsible for their own security and the security of others, will also be presented at those times.

Educational programs to promote the awareness of rape, acquaintance rape and other forcible and non-forcible sex offenses, are available, and may be accomplished through the use of video productions, brochures, speakers or other resources. Video tapes and instructional materials are available in the media center.

Patrol: The SCC campuses are patrolled on a regular basis by local city police. There is no access to campus facilities after hours unless accompanied by staff. The Faribault campus is controlled by an alarm system.

Criminal Reports: On the Faribault campus, all criminal actions occurring on campus shall be directed to the SCC Security Director; on the North Mankato campus, all criminal actions occurring on campus shall be directed to the SCC Security Director. The report may be presented orally or in written form.

Procedures and Assistance: Authorized college personnel will assist in reporting the occurrence to appropriate police authorities immediately, or in a timely manner, following receipt of the information. In the event that no college staff members are available, the individual reporting the occurrence is encouraged to contact local law enforcement agency directly by dialing 911 for emergencies. Authorized personnel can also assist with contacting sexual assault services and safe centers if requested using the following numbers:



Emergency - Police, Fire, Medical 911

Non-Emergency (City Police) 334-4305

Hope Center 1-800-607-2330 or 332-0882


North Mankato

Emergency - Police, Fire, Medical 911

Non-Emergency (City Police)

Business Hours 625-4141

Non-Business Hours 931-1570

CADA House Crisis/Shelter 1-800-477-0466 or 625-7233

Sexual Assault Services 1-800-630-1425


When on campus evenings or weekends talk with your instructor/advisor prior to leaving if you have any concerns.

The complete report of Campus Crime is available online at; click on student portal; click on resources.

AASC 1/28/11