Parking Fee: the parking fee will be assessed on a per credit basis with a limit not to exceed the fulltime employee rate. Parking fees are dedicated to the maintenance, improvement and monitoring of SCC parking lots. By statute, neither tuition nor state appropriation dollars may be used for these purposes. This fee is assessed per credit on all credit valued classes.

All persons parking vehicles on property owned, leased or occupied by South Central College will do so at their own risk. No responsibility will be assumed by the College or the State because of loss of property, damage to the vehicle while parked, damage which may be incurred through the process of impounding the vehicle or for any other damage or loss sustained while on a college parking facility.

Parking Regulations:

  1. The speed limit on all campus roadways is 20 mph.
  2. In compliance with MN Statute 169.346, use of handicapped parking stalls is restricted only to those vehicles bearing a state issued handicapped license plate or displaying a state issued certificate.
  3. Violations subject to towing or wheel lock:
    • College employees, seminar participants, and enrolled students parking in visitor area
    • Parking on sidewalks, grass, entries, driveways, or on roadways around the perimeter of the parking lots
      • Diagonal parking
      • Using a stolen permit
      • Parking between 12 midnight and 6:00 a.m.
  4. Faribault Campus Only: The 53 stalls that face the high school (East side of lot) are unavailable for student parking. Students attending overnight conventions and other college activities are asked to notify the Facilities Manager.
  5. North Mankato Campus Only: Students attending overnight conventions and other college activities are asked to use the purple lot. Vehicles parked overnight in any other lot will be towed at the owners expense.

Please Note: Lock your vehicle to prevent theft of your parking permit. There is a $10 replacement fee for parking permits.

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Student Parking Waiver Form
Faculty/Staff Parking Waiver Form

AASC 12/16/11